Katherine Kroll

Repackaging Confidence

Always Menstrual Pads Repackaging

Working in a team with two other design students and a student from the plastics and engieneering progam I created this new packaging solution for women’s menstrual pads. Pusuing this project with a student from another field of study, mixed with working completely remote presented a few challenges, but we were able to overcome them and complete the project successfully.


defining the brand

Mission Statement

Always' mission is to empower people everywhere by encouraging them to smash limitations and be unstoppable.


  • Equality
  • Confidence
  • Hygeine

Based on our research we wanted to achieve a few key objectives with our new package design:


The prototyping phase was made up by iterative cycles of making and testing our designs on users.


Thorough discussion with our partner from the PDET program about different needs to meet led him to produce these sketches for us.

Box with pull out drawer.

Carboard box with 3 dividers.

Daily snap fit travel sized case.

initial prototypes


The box with 3 dividers got the most votes. There were many reasons for this:

refined prototypes

We took the suggestions from the user testing insights to develop a new version of the package. Then we tested it again.

one last test

We tested our new prototype on various groups of potential users, both within our households and at Meijer. We got valuable feedback from these user interviews:

  • sections are functional for organization
  • multiple sizes beneficial for households with multiple women
  • each side should contain 15-20 pads
  • would like label that can be taken off after purchase allows for box to be reused


  • removeable label so box can be reused
  • colors & patterns of individual wrappings differentiate various sizes
  • dividers keep product organized
  • chart inside lid shows size recommendations

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