Katherine Kroll

Building Financial Futures

Service Brand Development


Fellowship Financial is a financial advising business that works closely with a niche market of trade workers. I was tasked with building a brand for the establishment and curating a set of guidelines for the brand. Fellowship Financial offers a variety of financial services including financial advising, financial planning, budgeting, and investment planning and maintenance.

who we’re here for

To aid how I would lay out this brand system, I looked into the goals and needs of two 
user archetypes.

new to the trade

Just starting their career, these workers are aiming to build their retirement funds, start families, and purchase their first homes.

experienced tradesman

This group of workers are preparing for retirement by paying off their debts and trying to keep their big bills lowered.

about the brand

mission statement

Fellowship Financial educates trade workers about their money so that they may create better futures for themselves and their families, as well plan for the unpredictable.


  • respect
  • excellence
  • integrity

symbol of trust

To symbolize the coming together and teamwork that happens at Fellowship Financial, I chose to use a iconographic handshake for the brandmark.

primary brandmarks

secondary brandmarks



our voice

At Fellowship Financial we use motivational words that keep our customers uplifted and determined to stick to their financial goals. We don’t over complicate, but we don’t oversimplify. Our happy medium is informative, easy to digest, and like we’re giving advice to a friend. We don’t want our customers giving up on their plans because they don’t know where to go or what to do. At Fellowship Financial we like to use tough love to show our customers we care and want them to succeed. Keeping our voice upbeat and understandable, we know we can help our customers reach financial success, whatever that means to them.


printed assets


brand regulations

To ensure that the brand is used consistently across touchpoints, a brand guidelines document has been created. You can view the full pdf of the document below.

Fellowship Financial Brand Manual

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