Katherine Kroll



Katherine Kroll

Renewing Tradition

Small-Town Restaurant Rebrand Prototype


Keiser’s Kitchen is a small family owned restaurant located in downtown Lowell, MI and has been a big part of the town since it was built in 1945. It has a rustic American atmosphere and food and is most well-known by locals for its Texas Hash and all-day breakfasts.

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers now choose takeout instead of dine-in. To ensure that Keiser’s is keeping up with customer demands, they need to implement a new system to make takeout ordering easier and more efficient for both staff and customers.

This project is a hypothetical prototype of how Keiser’s Kitchen could rebrand themselves.

the new brand look

I chose an emblem for the logo to tell the story of the brand by evoking the feeling of heritage, tradition, and nostalgia.

primary brand mark

alternative brand marks



New Online Presence

While the restaurant previously relied on an outdated Facebook page and phone calls for takeout orders, this new presence on its website promotes efficiency and structure.

Extending the experience

Keiser’s is promoting future business by offering a loyalty stamp card that is stamped each time takeout is ordered. Take away menus offer ease of ordering.

Switching from generic plastic bags and styrofoam takeout boxes to branded bags and boxes not only shows support for sustainability, but extends the brand after the experience has ended.

Employees at Keiser’s have many different roles. Because almost all employees work in the kitchen as well as serve tables, aprons protect their clothing from any spills that may happen throughout the day as well as brand the employees.