Katherine Kroll



Katherine Kroll

Bridging the Healthcare Gap

Non-Profit Service Brand


Migrant workers in the Newaygo county area are not receiving the right amount of 
health care. Because many of these patients do not have insurance, they frequently visit hospitals for treatment when needed, costing hospitals a high bill annually.

  • uninsured
  • under-insured
  • fear factor
  • language barriers

how can we help?

To combat the lack of health care services provided for this demographic within the county, I created a speculative health care system. This system ensures that all health care needs are met. If services needed are not available at the primary building, patients will be referred to specialists within the area.

Positioning Statement

To bring quality, convenient, health care to the large population of low income migrant workers and Spanish speakers in the Grant and surrounding areas, as well as to promote preventative care amongst this group.


  • Trust
  • Diversity
  • Helpfulness
  • Quality


  • Open
  • Friendly
  • Informative

About the Brand

Puentes de Salud means 'bridges to health' in Spanish. The clinic strives to bridge the gap hispanic peoples face when receiving health care.

The Digital Experience

Knowing that data will be used on mobile devices because wifi is rarely available, I focused on creating a mobile experience for users, keeping in mind load times and clarity.

how would a patient use online services?

The language preference option at the beginning of each sign in removes any language barrier and ensures that all information is understood by patient.

The mobile app allows for an experience more in depth than the browser option. This still allows patients to schedule appointments but also to receive test results, complete and submit forms, and request prescriptions.

Mobile browser option for those who do not have the mobile app allows for easy access to office information and ability to schedule appointments.

developing a trusting environment

Having the lab, pharmacy, check in, and waiting room all at the front of the building keeps wayfinding for patients easy and efficient. All signage is primarily in Spanish with English underneath. This ensures that those who speak Spanish as a first language build comfortability and trust within the environment.

Due to the concerns with COVID-19, the clinic provides an option to check in via a kiosk minimizes contact with others, while also removing any language barrier during the process, as the kiosk has language options.

Educational posters will be hung up around the clinic to serve as decor, give patients something to occupy themselves while they wait, and give patients some brief information about the importance of preventative care.

staff appearance

All staff and volunteers will be branded in both English and Spanish to remove any language barrier possible. Volunteers will be distinguished from certified staff.


Cards with complimentary pens are sent out to donors and volunteers to show appreciation for their support. This extends the brand and its image of caring about others.